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2005 Palamino Gelding

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CowboyKA Kukas 1 8-2018

4/24: Our jaws dropped today when we saw the connection between Cowboy & his new rider.  Within a couple minutes, she had him loping a calm, beautiful circle.  He obviously loves her, & she has the perfect touch for this boy.  We can't wait to see what they do as a team!  God is GOOD!  Never been so happy-sad :-)


We are super attached to this guy.  He is a HEAD-TURNER!!!  He is quick & athletic and DOES NOT show his age.  If we are running with all of our fast barrel horses, he can blow past all of them like a freight train if you let him.  He pretty much wins every speed dash he enters.   He wants to GO!!!  My twins are the ones that have ridden him in WSCA and barrels since they were 10 years old (they are now 16).  We are guessing he stands about 15.3.  He came from Colorado where we believe he did roping and ranch work.  He has done a ranch rodeo with us, too.  He LOVES cows.  (Scroll down for why we are selling him)
Easy to ride for an experienced rider.  He can sit for months between rides and stays broke - you can just haul him to a show & he won't miss a beat!  Rides bareback & double.  No buck.  Loads and hauls like a champ, and is great in new environments.  Stalls just great.  Never an issue with literally any part of traveling.   He rides in chaotic arenas, ties quietly, group trail rides, pastures with anyone or stalls. Bathes, clips, and has good manners for the vet and farrier.  He knows and has competed a ton in WSCA games, pole bending and barrel racing.  He's been to Champ Show and NBHA finals, and tons more.
He is 100% sound and healthy.  Never had a major (or really even a minor) illness or injury.  We call him "Superman" since he never gets hurt or sick!  He has great teeth and they are taken care of regularly by Hoeck Veterinary Services/Dr. Brad Dohm (we have all records).
Cowboy requires -0- maintenance.  No shoes needed (again: Superman - nothing bugs him).  
I mean...THIS BOY!  He is so darn handsome and so cool - especially if he feels like behaving nicely.  Very responsive & broke...but he does NOT like slow work, so he could cause you frustration if you try to work him & you don't "have his number".  If he feels like running a pattern, he will make a decent run; but he also might have other plans for first (unless you keep his nose/hip in).  We all ride with SUPER light hands, so he needs a patient, experienced rider with a strong hand who will put him in his place.   He does a million times better if you just warm him up a little & then just let him go.  He'll go right in the gate, but if you try to hold him back once he's sees the pattern when he knows he gets to run...he wants to do a leaping take off.  Best to lope a circle or let him take off right away and have your "I'm the boss" hands ready. 
He is so gentle and sweet - all the kids LOVE him.  (He actually like kids - especially girls!) more than adults.  He doesn't spook, and you can climb all over him & he'll just lay and snuggle on you - if you let him! 
Someone who can handle this gentle, but "beastie boy" will have a SUPER handsome, pretty much indestructible, cool horse.  If you like his looks, love that he is so healthy every minute with basically zero effort and can handle his speed, will LOVE him.
Offered at $6500 - a GREAT home is a MUST!  (Negotiable for perfect home).   
You can see his registration papers in the slideshow above
Call or text: 651.248.9161

In these videos from Wednesday (4/21): Cowboy has been ridden THREE times in the last six months.  You can see he walks towards the girls when he hears them coming.  One of our twins throws herself on & Cowboy walks away from a buddy with just a halter for a trail ride.  He loves to be stretched.  More coming soon (I thought I was videoing more, but was on photo - UGH!!!). His mane is full of wind knots, poor guy!


My husband got Cowboy out of Colorado for himself.  He wanted to chase cows, do some ranch rodeos - whatever.  For fun one day, we took him through a barrel pattern at our house - and he instantly became a backup barrel horse for our twin daughters (either could jump on him & he never gets hurt - so it was perfect).  So, shortly after that, my husband then bought himself a different horse (since Cowboy was “taken” by the twins).

We never bought him to be a barrel horse, never intended on using him for that, but the girls really liked him.  They have been pretty much the only ones riding him now for the last 6-ish years.  Now, they both have two barrel horses each, and they are getting older (jobs, more responsibilities, PSEO for school coming up), so Cowboy is just hanging out most of the time, and he’s too cool for that.   

My husband rode him a bit - and did a ranch rodeo with him & chased some cows for fun (Cowboy LOVES cows), but that’s about it.  Cowboy is pretty consistently 3D, but there is more speed there for someone confident to push him.  

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