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"Whatever you it all for the glory of God!"  I Corinthians 10:13 

More to come...

Thanks for having the barrel races at your place. Absolutely love coming there,  your arena is always awesome rain or dry.    Your crew does an amazing job running the race.  Excited for next year.

-Lori Anderson

My first time at The Pit and I absolutely loved the arena, the atmosphere and the people. Everyone was so friendly. Thanks for hosting.

-Kaylie Gruber

Thank you!!! I love the races you put on at the Pit. It's so family friendly and such a great atmosphere.  

-Kelly Friemuth

Just wanted to say that we FINALLY were able to make one of your races and found out what the hype was all about. What a beautiful place you have, very organized and well run. And you must sprinkle magic in the cute little porta potty because there was no smell!! Love the “pit passes” and all the cute little touches your family has created to make THE PIT such a cool place to be. Blessings on your new adventures! 

-Rondi Kodet (Sophie’s mom) 

Thank you so much for putting these races on! We really appreciate being able to run at such an awesome facility for great money. You make everyone feel so welcomed. Bar none one of our favorites!

-Robyn Wylie

BIG thank you for always putting on such well organized and fun races, we will dearly miss coming there!!

-Kara Warmka

Thank you again for hosting the kids favorite barrel race of the year!!!!

-Shanon Trimble

Bailey Webb-Olson this is The Pit Arena... It’s amazing and the crew is phenomenally outstanding.

-Alicia Mengelkoch


Great ground, effeciently ran barrel race 👍

-Casey Schewe


You guys are so awesome! So glad we made it down to run at your beautiful arena. Thank you for all your hard work at putting these on, it was fun.

-Meyers family


Absolutely beautiful! Owner was very friendly.  Food was amazing and the barrel race ran very smoothly. Ground was good. Will be back for sure.

-Sarah Brown

I just wanted to say "thank you" for giving so much to the barrel community. It's sad to hear you're leaving, but know that you left an extremely positive impact here. Your races are the best, and I love your announcers!

-Emily Guetzko

Angela, thank you to you, your family and the entire crew for putting on such a great race today. We love your arena and the ground, but more than anything I truly love how you keep Jesus at the center and honor Him. Your prayer today was so heartfelt and genuine and the presence of God is there. You make people feel special and you're kind and patient and do so much to bless the contestants. I am going to miss these days - your family and the events that have been held at your home. Thank you for all you have given and for your heart for people. May God continue to bless your family and open doors of opportunity and doors for powerful Godly influence. You are all amazing!!!

-In Him and with His love, Kelly


We want to thank you for working so hard to put on AMAZING barrel races(with beautiful arena and ground- and grounds)! I came with my three daughters and a friend, and seven horses!

We had a great time, you have a gift of hospitality for sure!!

We came just over two hours and wish we had come to the other ones! Thank you!

-Amy Neumann 


What a fun place to be! You have created a wonderful event! We left feeling uplifted and happy... not because of the runs, because you shared that feeling at your barrel race! Thank you for sharing your positive vibe!💕

-Tangi Schaapveld


We had a great Friday night at The Pit Arena barrel racing and hanging out by the bonfire.  So thankful for our horse community being the only thing that isn’t part of a whacked out “new normal.”  We kicked it off by remembering 9/11 with a moment of silence, stood for the flag & dedicated the night to our police officers, firemen and first responders. Yes it was a bit soggy with some light rain but Lenna and Betty sure didn’t mind.



This is an incredible place to run.  Thank you for sharing.

-Roxann McCain


The Kleins are doing a great job, lots of parking,  easy to enter,  text msgs your draw,  beautiful set up,  will be back !!

-Lori Messenbrink


The whole Pit Crew is fantastic!  Thank you for opening up your facility and home to others.  Thank you for providing a good Christian/family atmosphere......feeling blessed tonight as I reflect on how hard the Klein family and crew works.....and how they go above and beyond to show kindness to others.

-Kari DesMarais


We went to the barrel race last night and loved the location of the arena, very home town feel and beautiful arena to boot!

-Rachael Peterson


Great place! We had an awesome time! Thank you!!

-Lori S


You guys BLEW me away with your over the top effort on literally EVERYTHING! Kudos to you guys 👏

-Jill Sundell


Wonderful day!  You have beautiful hearts, and it shows in everything you do ❤️Great job!

-Sheila Hendricks


Amazing Atmosphere! Will be back:)

-Charity Seeger


What a great place to run! Love that you get your draw number & results texted to you.  Plus the pork sandwich is the bomb! We will be back!

-Kathy Clemens


It was my first time running there and it was great! Beautiful arena and surroundings!

-LuAnn V

Favorite place to run!!! great people and great facility!!!  Absolutely beautiful! Owner was very friendly.  Food was amazing and the barrel race ran very smoothly. Ground was good. Will be back for sure.

-Mueller Family


We love running at the PIT ARENA! Patriots abound, recognizing the first responders/ super heroes. Beautiful facility,  and an air of community, faith, family and doing the right thing. The weather was less then cooperative, but we made the best of it and had a ģreat time. Running toward the end of the night and in the rain, Olivia Pemberton took  home some nice checks on Wrangling Fame  and Bitsy Bullion placing in 2nd & 3rd in the 2D respectively and 9th and 10th overall,out of 177 horses. Royal had a great time as usual with Jet Bandito and her amazing mama showing her love, commitment and athleticism! Love my barrel racing community! Thank you Jeremy Klein and Angela Klein for a wonderful series! #summitjointperformance

-Becky Boll


Great night for some barrel racing! ❤️ If you haven't attended a barrel race here at The Pit yet you are truly missing out!!! Great people, great food, Great arena and Absolutely Beautiful grounds!!! I can't think of a better way to spend a beautiful Friday evening!!! 😍😍

A HUGE thank you to everyone at The PiT for seriously what has become my absolute favorite place to run this year! Thank you for putting on the funnest races that I've been to! You all deserve a big part on the back!!! And I can't wait till next year!!! ❤️💯❤️💯

-Jenny Woods


Love, love, love running at the Pit!! They do a great job with keeping things running smoothly, online entries, draw # gets texted to you and results as well. It's awesome. What's not to recommend? Great people, great ground, great food and I love the online entries and updates. Cannot wait to go back!

-Carrie H


Awesome family and staff. Well organized from start to finish!  Loved the help and direction with parking when we arrived. Great announcer and office staff. Their RodeoGo entry system and results were great.  The arena theme is so fun and unique too. We will be back for more races at The Pit!

-Jennifer Stephes


This arena is amazing with amazing people running it!

-Macy D

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