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Kassidy’s beautiful, young mare Stella was at the Anoka Equine hospital recovering from surgery after a small cut on her leg got infected.  She was bright & chipper and healing better and faster than expected.  


But very quickly, things changed.  We had no idea that there was even the slightest chance we could lose her, but she had a complication from the antibiotics and slipped away within hours.  Kassidy and I were able to see her and say goodbye, and we told her how much we loved her, how proud of her we were & how blessed we were to have her.  We laid with her, covered in shavings & tears and said, “It’s OK, baby girl…you did so good, we love you - it’s OK.” 


How can we express how much Stella meant to us?  She was happiness, she was healing, she was joy.  She was worth every minute & every penny.  She was one in a million - a truly special horse.  


A close friend said, “You love them as long as you have them”, and she’s right.  We loved her as hard as we could for as long as we could, but she was taken from Kassidy about 25 years too soon, so we mourn the loss of Kassidy’s teammate & friend.  We mourn the loss of what they could’ve done together.  


Our eyes are getting used to being swollen shut from tears, but we know God is good & God is big & that He cares about us and our horses.  It gets a little easier each day, but Stella will always have a giant piece of our hearts & we can’t wait to see our Shesha Dashin Stage in Heaven someday soon!

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