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SEPT 9TH, 2022



Once the draw is out tonight, we will no longer be able to issue refunds or credits.

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Just trying to do the best we can, so we appreciate your kindness, understanding & patience!


We were expecting light rain, maybe up to 1/4" or so -which would've been great for our arena's ground...

BUT around 3 AM, we got pummeled with ONE inch of rain.  Our ground could've handled that much, but the rain kept coming for another 16 hours.

It was most important to have SAFE ground for everyone to run in, so we made the difficult call to reschedule.

We put put our hearts and countless hours of work into this race; most of our PIT Crew juggled their calendars or took the day off to work the race; we gave away hundreds of dollars in food that had been cooking since Thursday morning; and lost money on rented equipment, so as you can imagine, we are EXTREMELY disappointed. many of you encouraged us with your kind words, and made us feel so much better.


If you plan to attend this race, your entries are automatically moved, and nothing further is needed from you. New draws will be posted on or before race day. 


If you need to make adjustments to your entries (such as horse/session changes), simply click HERE.


All credit/change requests are due by

8 pm, Wednesday, 9/21/22.


If you are looking for a refund, click HERE.


All refund requests are due by

8 pm, Wednesday, 9/21/22.

Note: Credit cards refunds can take up to 10 days to reflect in your account.


The race is NOT canceled...just rescheduled!!!

We took a few days to pray about where to go from here, since we have not been in this situation before.  There are multiple races every weekend in September, and we had some feedback from producers about our original rescheduled date, and want to respect them, so we apologize for any confusion or changes in dates. 


All correct and current information will ALWAYS be posted on our website. 


If you have a conflict with this new date or just prefer to come another time, we will offer FULL CREDITS towards any race in 2023.  We have done this in the past with our tiny weather hiccup at the end of a race, and it worked like a charm!  


To help keep everything in order, credits will be issued ONLY from requests made via our Credit / Change Request form HERE.

All credit/change requests are due by

8 pm, Wednesday, 9/21/22.


With close to 200 entries, we were getting email messages to multiple email accounts, Venmo requests, Pay Pal requests, Facebook messages to multiple accounts, texts and more - it was overwhelming and impossible to keep straight.  That’s why we are asking for people to not email, message or text requests.  We know that using a form that would keep ALL of the requests in ONE place would be most efficient.  

If you made a request via email, messenger, Venmo or a form prior to 3 pm on Sat, Sept 10th, you will need to re-submit - as again, with so many entries, this will help us keep everything straight and be most efficient with all the requests.

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