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JULY 26, 2019


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Wow. I am truly humbled by our barrel racing community and friends. Y’all are the "e-PIT-ome" of awesomeness... and we can’t explain how much it means that each & every one of you came to support us - as contestants, spectators or as part of The PIT Crew.

This was our first race EVER & you guys were SO AMAZING…showing us kindness and being patient (even through the glitches)…and holding back complaints that could’ve been aired (like not having the water hooked up yet on our new drag so the ground would’ve been even better).


You gave offers for help over & over and pitched in to do whatever was needed if we asked. I wish I could’ve greeted, thanked and hugged each and every one of you personally - but just so you know…my heart is overflowing.

We have so many great and fun many things we want to do and improve on - but of course we can only do so much right away, and we learned so much, so thanks for your feedback, too. Our heart was just to share our home and love of barrel racing with all of you - and the love and support you have given back so far has brought me to tears.

Thank you, Jesus for the great weather & your GRACE…and to all of you...thank you all again.


See you on August 30th!


SOME THANK YOUS (in no particular order)

The Hobert Family: Cowboy-hat-wearing-parking-and-arena-master-Aaron; Sunshine-in-our-pockets Heather - who can and will do pretty much anything to help, but makes me smile just by existing; and Austin - for hours of gate & barrel work.


Sue Ahlgren: without you…we would’ve be where we are. You are a GIFT straight from JESUS!


Kevan & Linda Ball: admin & PIT master announcer - we couldn’t have done this without you guys - the practicing, admin work, hooking up audio systems, shopping, setting up, support all across the board (and wind-down time playing 500 with “The Deets” kicking “Free Bird & the Irateor”’s butts) Love you.


Corey & Kati Scherber: for the mad DJ skills & sisterly support that kept me from freaking out….and Corey for the Instagram worthy-mouth-watering food.


Nick Wittrock: you ARE the PIT BULL! We know this “dragging” thing is new to you, but you’re pretty much crushing it!


The Hillmanns:  Your WHOLE FAMILY ROCKS…and we ALL know it and we ALL love you guys. Thanks for the last minute errands and for endless chat support!


Ginny: for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G….always. We notice and we appreciate!


Molly: for shopping, set up support…and all the KICK BUTT pictures. We would’ve never got to have those memories if you wouldn’t’ve taken the time.


Josh Klein: We trust you 100% with ANY task & are so glad we get to have you as a brother & as a part of the PIT Crew.


Design electric: The lights. oh…..the lights!!!!! It’s like daylight at night. THANK YOU!


Wagner: Grillmaster at our practice race. yummmm


Twins (Kassidy & Kaidyn Klein): You worked your BUTTS off doing farm work for The PIT races...we wouldn’t been ready without you!


Chelsey Skelly: for being the DREAM business partner & allowing me some grace to do this with my family....AND for the graphic design skills and talent to know EXACTLY what I wanted and working through um-teen million versions to get it JUST RIGHT.


Rich Houg: branding help & daddy help.


Holly and Eric: helping out wherever/whenever we needed!


Justin: for the moooostache, accent, hats & support


Dan and Steph: for letting us be loud, so we can follow this crazy dream.


For anyone I forgot this second...THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU!



3:30 - 4:30 pm Warm ups

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Exhibitions


7:00 pm - Pee Wee Barrels - $5 (10 & under, cannot run in any other class)

Open 4D - $25

Youth 4D - $15 (17 & under)

2nd Open 4D - $15


UBRA & PEWC sanctioned

Fast Drag + TRIVIA w/ prizes

Clean, beautiful grounds

Easy Parking

Outdoor arena w/ great ground

Standard Pattern-

(D: 30/65/80 w/ closed gate)

Large, warm up round pen

Trails along the river

Concessions onsite


Don't want to haul water?

Water for your horses is available on site, but delivery to your trailer is also available for $5 (cash only). 


Text WATER to 651-248-9161



Check in at The PIT Stop when you arrive or to enter onsite. 

Please note: until payment is received...

your entry is on hold, so you will not be entered in the draw or have warm-up/exhibitions reserved.


Thursday 7/25 @ 6:15 pm

Submit & PAY for your entry by

6:15 pm on Thursday, July 25th

to be included in the early draw.


Friday 7/26 @ 6:15 pm

Submit & PAY for your entry by

6:15 pm on Friday, July 26th

to be included in the regular draw.


After 6:15 pm on Fri 7/26

Entries submitted & paid for after 6:15 pm on Friday, July 26th

will be included in the late draw.


Purchase a slot for a warm up or exhibition during online entry (or onsite) & pick up your PIT pass at The PIT Stop when you arrive.  Good only during time slot selected & not reserved until payment is received.  HURRY!  Limited Availability.


20 minutes - max 10 riders

Slot A:  3:30 pm - 3:50 pm

Slot B:  3:50 pm - 4:10 pm

Slot C:  4:10 pm - 4:30 pm


1 min per - 30 sold per slot

Slot W:  4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Slot X:  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Slot Y:  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Slot Z:  6:00 pm - 6:30 pm 


RACE SPONSORED BY:  Central Saddle Club Association

*See our RULES here.  Waiver must be signed.   All weather-related announcements will be posted on this site.  PLEASE clean up after yourself & your 4-legged friends before leaving. 

Bring a smile & have fun!

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