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Luna is a 1999 Grullo Quarter Horse with TONS of life in her!   WORTH her weight in GOLD! 
14.3 Hands; Triple Registered. 

GOOD MINDED, WILLING, SMART, and MATURE as they come! This will be a hard sale for us as we have grown extremely attached to her.  (There will be many tears). 
POINT & KICK WINNER:  She knows ALL the WSCA games and EXCELS in pretty much all of them.  Kaidyn has won high point too many times to count with Luna.  (We could start a ribbon & trophy sales company - LOL).   She has taken home ribbons at Champ Show both years she brought her (in Key, Barrels & Poles - twice).   She's also been roped on, worked cattle & rode pleasure. 
She's competitive and eager to please, but will go any speed the rider asks.  She has outrun 50+ horses in 18 & under class to win speed dash on numerous occasions.  She has a soft mouth, so light hands are best with her.  She knows her leads, does flying lead changes & is honest as they come.
Luna is competitive and definitely knows her job.  No gate issues - she'll walk in pretty nice, but then she's ready to go!  No rear or buck.  No vices.  She doesn't need a bat to move, but my daughter uses one to get some extra speed.
BROKE: She is very user friendly, no owners manual needed to ride this mare. She is SOLID! Great for pattern work, loves a challenge, and can sit for months between rides and stays broke - you can just haul her to a show & she won't miss a beat!  Rides bareback & double.   She LOVES water & will swim in the pond or river with my daughter.  Perfect for a little kid who wants a very safe horse.  Nothing spooks her. 
HEALTHY:  She is 100% sound and healthy in every way. Never been injured.  There is not a scar or blemish to her, UTD on all vetting, current coggins, and farrier.  Teeth done by Hoeck Veterinary Services most recently in June.
LOW MAINTENANCE, EASY KEEPER:  She rides in chaotic arenas, ties quietly, group trail rides, pastures with anyone or stalls. Bathes, clips, and has perfect manners for the vet and farrier. Ground ties.  Easy keeper & just a gem of a horse.  We ride hard & we ride a ton, so we grain once a day, but she doesn't need it.  (Her favorite treat is BBQ sunflower seeds!)  Has never needed shoes.
AT HOME OR AT THE SHOW:  She rides in chaotic arenas, ties quietly, group trail rides, pastures with anyone or stalls. Loads and hauls like a champ, and is great in new environments.  Gets along well with other horses & not barn/friend sour.
SWEET MARE:  Luna does everything you ask her to do, whether the first time ever or the 10th time in a row, she does what's asked.  A great mind, very mellow and good manners. Can't ask for more in a horse!   She prefers gaming over trail riding, but will tolerate it if she can lead!
I can't tell you how much Kaidyn has learned from Luna & what a confident rider she has become because of it!  If we had something negative to say, it would be that she's just not fast enough now at the level Kaidyn is at (since she & her identical twin are now barrel racing more - and she doesn't like getting beat by her twin!).  Couple other notes:  Kaidyn & Luna have worked together with one of the best trainers in Minnesota a couple hours a week for the last couple years.  Also, her previous owner has become a dear friend & I'm sure she'd offer some insight, too.
Offered at $5000 - a GREAT home is a MUST!  (Negotiable for perfect home).   
You can see her registration papers in the slideshow below.
TRY HER & see for yourself!  Come Ride this once in a lifetime horse!
Kaidyn got Luna in October of 2015 (when she was 10) & started gaming with her right away.  Some of the videos are from that first month.  We have tons of videos (still searching for more), but wanted to give a good variety - the great as well as the Ok & beginning stuff.
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20903  307
Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.08.47 AM
Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.14.38 AM
Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.15.10 AM
Previous owner running Verndale-- American Qualifier Sept 2015:
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